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Rent An Aircourt

Ordinary sports with a extra fun



Basketball on an AirTrack court provides a twist to the sport as the flooring gives athletes enhanced jumping abilities working as a trampoline (4-10 persons). Being fenced by protective cushioning and an all-around net, the game becomes safer than regular basketball yet more fun and exciting. 


Football on AirTrack court allows groups to enjoy two versions of AirTrack football. The first version (6-10 persons) giving again the same twist and jumping ability enchantment but also more fun and safety by playing with socks instead of cleats. The second version will be called Pandemic Football and all player wear inflatable bubbles for more extreme fun



Volleyball on an AirTrack court enhances a player’s athletic ability by boosting his jump. This makes everyone look like a professional athlete to the eyes of spectators. It also eliminates the biggest disadvantage for amateur players who can’t jump high enough to either block or hit the ball hard. Rules are the same as the regular sport. (4-8 persons).

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Protective Cage

All of our sports are housed on the same court protected by our 14 x 8 x 5 (L x W x H) meter inflated cage. Easily inflated within 15 minutes and perfectly adjusted to the Aircourt, it provides the safety needed for the athletes to try new and daring tricks.

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