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Home Use

When we invented the home equipment back in 2015 we knew we had something special on our hands. Our home line combines the joy of a great bounce with the safety of our professional equipment. Without sacrificing quality we brought our professional equipment to the homes of young athletes all over the world.


Welcome to the world of high-quality and effective fitness. Advanced technologies and exceptional construction materials come together to offer a comprehensive fitness experience. From dumbbells and weights to treadmills and high-spec elliptical machines, here at VisionPark, fitness becomes art, and achieving your goals becomes reality.



We believe that air is the future of gymnastics. Our equipment has a low impact on muscles and joints, and the AirBags ensure pillow soft landings. By being able to do more repetitions, valuable training time is spent more efficiently. This enables athletes and coaches to focus more on technique, whilst reducing strain on the muscles and joints. The bounce of our gymnastics range offers a new and fun dimension to your training. Explore our full range of gymnastics equipment and get ready to level up!


Over 30 years of knowledge and experience have been put into developing a broad product range for the attractions market. The soft and bouncy nature of air equipment invites movement without sacrificing longevity or safety. Are standard products not your cup of tea? Our own production facility has been tailored to handle custom orders of any shape or size. The in-house design team can assist you to bring all your crazy ideas to life!

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